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Get consistent and clear results with petrography test supplies from Beta Diamond Products. Our petrography supplies, like our petrographic slides and cover glass, are held to the highest standards to ensure uniformity in thickness, size and quality. Whether you need to restock on cover glass or petrographic slide boxes, contact Beta Diamond Products for premier petrography test supplies.

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Unmatched Excellence in Petrography Test Supplies

At the heart of every successful geological study are top-tier petrography supplies. Beta Diamond Products proudly offers an array of petrographic test supplies, each crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you're conducting detailed mineral analysis or preparing rock specimens, our supplies are engineered to provide unparalleled precision. Experience the difference with our diverse range of petrography supplies – a must-have for every petrographer.

Petrography Supplies for All Applications

Unlock the full potential of your laboratory with our essential petrography supplies. Each product is designed to facilitate detailed and accurate petrographic analysis. Our petrography test supplies are an investment in the quality of your research. Our products redefine accuracy and usability in petrography.

Petrographic Slides

Petrographic slides from Beta Diamond feature uniform quality, size and thickness:

  • Made in the USA of Swiss Glass.
  • Precisely crafted with dimensions held to a tight tolerance, ensuring consistency and reliability.
  • The size of the slides (27mm x 46mm) is ideal for petrographic analysis and compatible with standard microscopes and equipment. We also carry larger slides, 2" x 3".

Petrographic Cover Glass

Our cover glass ensures clear visualization and protection for specimens.

  • Manufactured with colorless borosilicate glass.
  • Clean and cut to ensure top-notch quality.
  • Available in assorted sizes to complement all of Beta Diamond's petrographic slides.

Petrographic Slide Boxes

Secure and organize your slides efficiently. These slide boxes are designed for both protection and convenience.

  • Slide boxes (27x46mm) hold up to 25 slides.
  • All boxes are made in the USA, reflecting a commitment to quality and durability.
  • These boxes are essential for efficiently organizing and securing petrographic slides, making them easily accessible and well-protected
Petrography test supplies
Petrography supplies

Rely on Beta Diamond for High-Quality Petrography Test Supplies

Explore our collection of top-grade petrography test supplies today and experience the difference in quality and precision. Whether you're in academia, industry or a research enthusiast, our supplies are designed to meet your needs. Order your petrography supplies today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Petrography Test Supplies

Discover essential insights about our petrography test supplies and find answers to your most pressing questions. Our FAQs cover a range of topics to assist you in making informed decisions about our products and services. If we haven't answered your question yet, please get in touch – we're always happy to help!

Why Is Beta Diamond the Best Choice for Petrography Supplies?

Beta Diamond stands out as the premier choice for petrography supplies due to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. With a solid understanding of the industry's requirements (and over 37 years of experience), Beta Diamond Products combines top-grade materials, precision engineering and user-friendly designs. This approach not only caters to the intricate demands of petrography but also demonstrates our commitment to supporting the scientific community through superior products and customer-focused services.

Which Sectors Benefit from Beta Diamond Products?

Our diverse range of products serves various industries, including aerospace, materials science, governmental bodies, semiconductor sectors, energy, medical industries, academic institutions and enthusiasts. Each Beta Diamond product is specifically designed to fulfill the distinct requirements of these varied fields.

What Are Petrographic Supplies Used For?

Petrographic supplies are essential tools used in the field of geology, particularly in the study of rocks and minerals. These supplies, including petrographic slides, cover glasses and slide boxes, are used for preparing and examining rock and mineral specimens under a microscope. The primary purpose is to identify the composition, structure and history of rock formations, which is crucial in fields like geoscience research, mining and environmental studies. By providing a clear, detailed view of the specimen's microscopic features, petrography supplies enable geologists and researchers to make accurate assessments and contribute valuable insights into the earth's geological processes.

Introduction to Forensic Geology - Petrography

The American Geosciences Institute hosts this webinar covering petrographic topics not typically addressed in collegiate-level geological studies.