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Beta Diamond Products is proud to manufacture high-quality natural, poly, and synthetic diamond sprays. Our diamond emulsion spray comes in several sizes to choose from and is available in three carriers: oil base, universal, and water base. Browse our polishing supplies to complement your high-quality diamond spray purchase. Customize your diamond spray order by specifying micron size, bottle size and quantity.

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Precision at its Best: High-Quality Diamond Sprays

Experience unparalleled precision in your work with Beta Diamond Sprays. These sprays, including the ultra-fine 1-micron diamond spray, are engineered for accuracy and uniformity in polishing and grinding applications. Trusted by professionals, our diamond emulsion spray offers the quality required for the most meticulous tasks. Explore our diamond sprays for results that speak for themselves.

Advanced Diamond Sprays for Various Applications

Beta Diamond offers diamond sprays suited for a variety of applications. Each diamond emulsion spray is crafted to provide exceptional performance in specific tasks, ensuring you have the right tool for any polishing or grinding challenge. Our selection includes natural, poly and synthetic varieties, available in different sizes and with various carrier options, catering to a broad range of applications.

Natural Diamond Spray

This spray is particularly effective for fine and delicate polishing tasks. Its natural diamond composition ensures a high degree of accuracy, making it ideal for applications where accuracy and a flawless finish are paramount. Our natural diamond spray is suitable for intricate work in gemology, optics and fine mechanics.

Poly Diamond Spray

A versatile option, our poly diamond spray balances quality with affordability. It's suitable for a wide range of surfaces and materials, offering reliable polishing capabilities. This makes it a go-to choice for both professional and hobbyist settings where diverse applications are common.

Synthetic Diamond Spray

Designed for tough, industrial-grade applications, our synthetic diamond spray excels in durability and robustness. It's ideal for demanding tasks that require a hard-wearing abrasive, such as in heavy machinery maintenance, metalworking and large-scale manufacturing.

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Diamond Emulsion Spray to Meet Your Needs

Once you've chosen the type of diamond emulsion spray you need, there are additional options available to serve your specific purpose.

  • Multiple Bottle Sizes: Beta Diamond offers both 4 oz and 8 oz bottles, catering to different usage requirements. Smaller bottles are convenient for occasional or detailed work, while larger bottles are cost-effective for more frequent or volume-intensive applications.
  • Carrier Options: Our diamond sprays come with three carrier options - oil base, universal and water base. This variety allows users to choose the carrier that best fits their specific work environment and material compatibility, ensuring optimal results and ease of use.
  • Customizable Micron Sizes: Allowing for a high degree of customization, users can specify the micron size of the diamond powder in the spray. This feature is particularly beneficial for tasks requiring particular abrasive grades, ensuring that users get the exact abrasive properties needed for their application.
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Discover the Power of Beta Diamond Sprays

Unlock the full potential of your polishing tasks with Beta Diamond sprays. Experience the blend of quality and performance that our products can provide. Our diamond emulsion spray offers a flawless finish on your most challenging projects. Find your perfect solution today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Sprays

Gain insights into diamond sprays and other Beta Diamond products and services with these frequently asked questions, designed to provide clarity and support for your purchasing decisions.

What Is Diamond Emulsion Spray Used For?

Diamond emulsion spray is primarily used for precision polishing in various industries, including gemology, metallurgy and materials science. It consists of finely ground diamond particles suspended in a liquid emulsion, which can be applied to a polishing cloth or directly onto surfaces. This spray is especially valuable for achieving a high-quality finish on hard materials like gems, metals and ceramics. Its use ensures a uniformly smooth surface with minimal scratches, making it ideal for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy and a polished, mirror-like finish on the material being worked on.

How Does the Micron Size of the Diamond Powder in the Spray Affect its Performance?

The micron size of diamond powder in the spray critically affects its performance by determining the level of abrasiveness and the fineness of the polish it can achieve. Smaller micron sizes, such as a 1-micron diamond spray, result in a finer spray that provides a smoother, more refined finish, ideal for delicate or high-precision polishing tasks. Conversely, larger micron sizes offer more aggressive abrasion, suitable for the initial stages of polishing or for materials that require more substantial surface modification. Essentially, the choice of micron size allows for tailored control over the polishing process, aligning with the specific requirements of the material and the desired end result.

Do You Accept Custom Orders?

Yes, we cater to custom orders for our larger industrial customers. Please contact our sales team for a personalized quote.