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Petrographic Slides, Cover Glass, and Petrographic Slide Boxes


We sell both a 27 x 46 (PS2746) and a 2 x 3 slide (PS2X3) for your thin section needs. Both sizes come in either plain or frosted. Our slides are made from the finest white glass and selected for uniform quality. They have precision-ground edges on all four sides and are thin, flat, and resistant to corrosion or fogging. Each pack is wrapped to protect against humidity and moisture. We sell our slides by the gross. Each gross contains two boxes of slides holding 72 pieces each for a total of 144 pieces per gross.


Our cover glass is cut, cleaned, sorted, weighed and packed in the USA. Each is individually selected for uniform quality and is resistant to corrosion and fogging. They are free from ragged edges, striae, oily film and fingerprints. Our cover glass has precision uniformity in thickness, flatness and size.


We sell cardboard boxes to hold your petrographic slides. Each box holds 25 slides and has a numbered index insert. We make them to hold either your 27 x 46 slides or your 2 x 3 slides.