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With over 25 years of experience in the diamond consumable industry, Beta Diamond Products, Inc. has been providing our clients with a superior line of diamond polishing abrasives, lapping products and petrographic slides. We offer a variety of consumables such as diamond powders, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, diamond pastes/compounds, diamond slurry/sprays/suspensions and other polishing consumables to meet your high standards. Our wealth of knowledge will help our clients achieve the finishing results they desire!

Beta Diamond also carries metallurgical supplies such as petrographic slides, slide storage boxes, and cover glass for all your thin section needs. We have been supplying our superior products to clients of different walks of life including government agencies, universities and hobbyists with excellent service and pricing.

Beta Diamond Products also carries a large inventory of diamond blades, wheels, files and other diamond tools. As a licensed distributor for MK Diamond, a world leader for precision power cutting tools, our diamond blades are engineered to provide cutting ability, durability and safety for any job, application or material.

As we constantly keep updating our site, please check back regularly to view our latest products and services. With customer satisfaction as a high priority, we act as a one stop shop for all your lapping and polishing needs! Call us toll free at (800) 975-9009.

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